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  • Name: Double Baker Facer Machine
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Double baker facer

◆It mainly consists of glue baking section, cold-formed section and main drive stand.

◆Heating plate: 1750mm(L)×600mm(W)×110mm(H); made of steel plate, polish plate.

◆Pipe for heating plate, divided into 3 sections respectively. The heating temperature for each section can be controlled independently. The temperature meter display detais.

◆Use pressure roller on heating section, can make the paperboard flat and even with motorized lift structure.

◆Tension of cotton belt can be adjusted by pneumatic adjusting device or manual adjusting device.

◆Deviation-correcting device is equipped for conveyor belt, effectively reduces the phenomenon of bad fitting

◆Driving rollers covered endurable abrasion vulcanized rubber and also the surface was engraved with the word trough to avoid anti-slip. Diameter of rollers: Φ620mm

◆Adopt high-quality cotton with high-speed, good air permeability, good thermal insulation to ensure good adhesion and volatile cardboard excess moisture.

◆Effective breadth: 1600mm,1800mm,2000mm,2200mm